This massage is a combination of different techniques, e.g.
Ayurvedic and Traditional Thai Massage, Yoga and Rebalancing.
For deep relaxation and a better energy flow, enjoy deep and reassuring strokes that release toxins and blocks.
The use of oil and powder helps to stimulate blood and lymph circulation.
Stretching opens joints and eases muscle tensions.
Conscious breathing leads to deeper body awareness.
This whole Body Massage Experience gives you inner balance and helps to improve your health.

Ayurveda means knowledge of life (Ayur = life / Veda = knowledge)
It is a traditional, Indian, natural healing system, including herbal medicine, diet and bodywork. The principle of ayurveda
is to create a harmony in daily life regarding your environment and the needs of your body and mind. An imbalance
between these evokes disease. An ayurvedic lifestyle and/or treatment has healing effects and leads you to a better awareness.

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